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Humanities 7 – Immigration WebQuest

migration pattern

 Immigration WebQuest

Today in class, students have the opportunity to investigate the  statistics about immigration in the United States and around the world in order to better understand the FACTS about migration patterns.

microsoft_word_logo Immigration WebQuest Handout

link Most Common Country of Origin for Immigrants in Each of the 50 States (Source: Slate)

link Immigrant Population by State, 1990-Present (Source: Migration Policy Institute)

link List of Countries By Immigrant Population (Source: Wikipedia)

link Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States
(Source: Migration Policy Institute)


Humanities 7 – Homework – Nov 27


Today in class, students investigated the statistics of migration patterns to the United States and around the world by completing a WebQuest activity. Students also had a chance to discuss and summarize their learning about migration to the United States based on their reading yesterday in class.

link Immigration WebQuest Activity

microsoft_word_logo Immigration WebQuest Handout

Homework - p. 13 - Complete the Immigration WebQuest Activity that we started in class today.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Nov 26


Today in class, students investigated the push and pull factors for what drives emigration from and draws immigration to the United States.

microsoft_word_logo Immigration Push and Pull Factors Understanding Questions

adobe-pdf-logo Immigration Push and Pull Factors Reading

Homework - p. 10 - Write a letter to a friend summarizing what you learned in class today about the push and pull factors for immigration to the United States. Your letter must be at least 10 sentences long.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Nov 20


Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of the Unit 3 Vocabulary and the countries of Latin America (and where they are located on a map) by taking a quiz.

Homework - There is no new HW -- enjoy the long weekend!


Humanities 7 – Latin American Country Research Mini-Project


Unit 3: Latin America Country Research Mini-Project

In this creative research project, students will create a “Wikipedia entry” about your assigned Latin American country, which you will use to teach other classmates. Your “Wikipedia entry” will include the country’s statistics, a short history and overview, two tourist attractions, a summary of a local news issue, and at least one picture. Your goal is to make your classmates want to visit your country!

Get started with the links below, or download the necessary handouts:


microsoft_word_logo Latin America Country Research Mini-Project

ppt_icon Latin America Country Research WikiPedia Template

ppt_icon Sample Latin America Country Research Project

Research Links

link The World Factbook (


Mini Project Schedule

Thursday 11/15 - Introduce mini-project and begin research in-class (to finish at home for HW)

Friday 11/16 - Submit completed research and work on creating Wikipedia entries in Google Slides

Monday 11/19 - In small groups, present research on assigned country and get feedback before submitting

Submit Your Assignment Here --> the deadline to submit is Tuesday November 20th @ 5:00 PM!


Humanities 7 – Homework – Nov 14


Today Mr. V was not in school, but in class students investigated the background on the region of Latin America by completing a Latin America Background investigation.

microsoft_word_logo Latin America Background

adobe-pdf-logo Latin America Background Reading

link Latin America Map Practice Quiz

Homework - p. 4 - On page 4 of your notebook, write a letter of at least 10 sentences explaining to a friend what you learned in class today about Latin America (include facts).

Reminder - You have a CLOSED NOTEBOOK quiz on Tuesday 11/20 on Unit 3 Vocab and the names of countries in Latin America (and where they are). Study using the flashcards (vocabulary and country names) on the class website.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Nov 13


Today in class, students got organized for Humanities class this term by setting up their Term 2 Interactive Student Notebooks. Students also previewed their learning for Unit 3: Latin America by completing a map of Latin America and going over the Unit 3 Vocabulary.

microsoft_word_logo Unit 3 Vocabulary Chart

microsoft_word_logo Blank Latin America Map

Homework - p. 2 - Complete the Unit 3 Vocabulary Chart by illustrating your understanding of the words and definitions from this unit. If you did not complete the Latin America map on page 3 of your notebook, you should complete that as well. Use Google Maps or your Agenda Book to help you.


Humanities 7 – Latin America Flashcards – Study For Tuesday!


Humanities 7 – Unit 3 Flashcards – Study For Tuesday’s Quiz!


Humanities 7 – Homework – Nov 7


Today in class, students reviewed what they have learned in Term 1 by using various study strategies, including using Quizlet flashcards on Chromebooks. Students also worked on their graphic organizers in preparation for the timed-writing assessment this Friday.

microsoft_word_logo Columbus Trial Reflection Graphic Organizer (for Friday)

 The People v. Columbus, et al Trial Evidence Folder

 link Quizlet: Term 1 Flashcards

Homework - Study for tomorrow's Term 1 Test! Also, make sure your notebook is up-to-date (ALL pages) to submit tomorrow to Mr. V. On Friday, you will complete a timed writing assessment, so make sure to complete the graphic organizer linked above because you will be allowed to use it during the assessment.