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Humanities 7 – World Population History [Video]

World Population from Population Education on Vimeo.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 18

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Today in class, students explained the challenges of population growth throughout history by completing a population circle activity.

link World Population History Timeline and Map

microsoft_word_logo Seven Billion and Counting Reading and Understanding Questions

Homework - p. 26 - Read the article “Seven Billion and Counting,” annotate the article with at least eight (8) comments/questions, then complete the reflection on a separate sheet of paper in at least 10 sentences.

Reminder - Study for the closed-notebook quiz on Thursday 3/21 on the Unit 5 Vocabulary and the countries of Monsoon Asia (map).


Humanities 7 – Unit 5 Flashcards – Study These For Thursday’s Quiz!


Humanities 7 – Unit 4.3 Student Survey


Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 15


Today in class, students explained the background on Monsoon Asia by completing a background investigation on the region.

microsoft_word_logo Monsoon Asia Background Investigation

adobe-pdf-logo Monsoon Asia Background Reading

Homework - p. 24 - On a separate sheet of paper taped on to page 24 write a letter to a friend explaining what you learned about Monsoon Asia in class today. Your letter must be at least 10 sentences.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 14

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Today in class, students previewed the vocabulary and key concepts of Monsoon Asia by completing a vocabulary chart and blank of the region.

microsoft_word_logo Unit 5 Vocabulary Chart

microsoft_word_logo Blank Map of Monsoon Asia

Homework - There are two parts to tonight's HW, please make sure to complete BOTH for credit:

p. 22 - Complete the Unit 5 Vocabulary Chart by illustrating your understanding of the word and definition, make sure it is neat and colorful.

p. 23 - Complete the Blank Map of Monsoon Asia by filling in the country names (#25-47 ONLY)


Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 13


Today in class, students completed the Unit 4.3 Africa Country Research by presenting their research on their chosen countries in small groups. Students also took notes on each of the countries that they observed during the presentations.

microsoft_word_logo Africa Country Research Presentations Chart

Homework - p. 20 - Complete a reflection of 10 sentences on page 20 of your notebook (or on a separate sheet taped in) about the presentations from class today (and yesterday) on the countries in Africa - you must include facts from at least 3 different countries you learned about. Use your notes from the Africa Country Research Presentations Chart to help you complete this assignment.

Reminder - Submit your final draft of the Africa Country Research Project on to by 5:ooPM tonight!


Humanities 7 – Unit 4.3 Africa Country Research Project

Unit 4.3 Africa Country Research Project

In this creative research project, students will create a Google Presentation/Slides about one African country that will be used to teach other classmates. Each project will include several sections, so make sure to do them all well. Your goal is to make your classmates become interested in the country and to answer our Unit 4.3 Key/Essential Questions!


microsoft_word_logo African Country Research Overview

microsoft_word_logo African Country Research Notes

microsoft_word_logo Peer Review Research Checklist

microsoft_word_logo Africa Country Research Presentations Chart

ppt_icon Sample Country Research Presentation - South Africa

Research Links

link World Bank DataBank

link CIA World FactBook

link Africa Country Profiles (Source: BBC News)

link US State Department Travel Advisories

link Lonely Planet Travel Guides

link If It Were My Home

Project Schedule

Tuesday 3/5 - Introduce the project, begin researching your African country

Wednesday 3/6 - Continue researching your country (if not finished), begin making presentation slides

Thursday 3/7 - Project work day and peer review

Friday 3/8 - Project work day and peer review

Monday 3/11 -Project work day and peer review

Tuesday 3/12 - Project is DUE and presentations begin in-class

Wednesday 3/13 - Presentations conclude


Humanities 7 – Homework – Feb 27


Today in class, students explained resistance and independence movements in four African countries by conducting research and teaching each other.

link Africa Country Profiles (Source: BBC News)

link Ghana Country Profile and Timeline (Source: BBC News)

link Liberia Country Profile and Timeline (Source: BBC News)

link Eritrea Country Profile and Timeline (Source: BBC News)

link Ivory Coast Country Profile and Timeline (Source: BBC News)

microsoft_word_logo African Country Research Worksheet

microsoft_word_logo African Resistance and Independence Reflection

Homework - p. 16 - Complete the African Resistance and Independence Reflection by choosing two countries from class today and comparing and contrasting - this assignment is due on Friday 3/1.

Reminder - You have a Notebook Quiz (pages 1-13) on Friday 3/1, make sure your notebook is up-to-date.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Feb 26


Today in class students analyzed European control of Africa by simulating the “Scramble for Africa" and discussing its connections to real historical events in the 19th century.

adobe-pdf-logo Scramble for Africa Activity Rules Sheet

microsoft_word_logo Scramble for Africa Reflection

Homework - p. 14 - Complete the Scramble for Africa Reflection handout in at least 10 sentences.