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The Boston Capstone Project

The Boston Capstone Project

In this collaborative, interdisciplinary project, 7th grade students at Boston Latin Academy will be able to: discuss the status quo in the City of Boston and the problems the city faces today and in the future; work together in small groups collaboratively to research, debate, and design solutions to those problems in Boston; and make a final presentation to their classmates, with the goal of being chosen to submit their final presentation to officials at City Hall! The goals of the project are to: learn how to make Boston a more resilient city for future generations; present their knowledge to stakeholders in the community to make a real impact; and bring together their knowledge from Math, Science, ELA, Humanities, Latin and the Arts to make creative solutions to big problems in society.

Part I - The Status Quo

Part II - Data Analysis

Part III - Selecting a Variable


Part IV - Why The Romans Couldn't Save Rome


Part V - Preparing the Presentation

The Boston Capstone Project - Complete Instructions