Mr. Valenzuela

US History

The Constitution

Welcome to what is going to be a great year in US History!

In US History I students will study the history of this country from its early British colonial roots in 1619 until the end of the Reconstruction Era in 1877 (students study the "rest" of US History in 10th Grade). In this class we will be studying some essential topics: who are "Americans"; the growing resistance from Americans; the Revolutionary War for independence; the writing of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution (including the adoption of the Bill of Rights); the roles and effects of the first 5 US Presidents; the campaign of Indian Removal under President Andrew Jackson; the institution of enslavement in the United States; the Civil War; and the Reconstruction Era. Some might argue that history is just the study of facts that happened in the past, but what history really teaches you is how to ask QUESTIONS. Why do some people get talked about more in textbooks than others? Was the United States justified in what it did in the past? How do these actions in the past affect us today in the present? You will learn how to answer these questions and to get people to LISTEN to YOU.

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