Mr. Valenzuela

Parents Corner

Welcome parents to Humanities 7 with Mr. Valenzuela!

If you need to contact Mr. V for any reason, click on the "About Mr V" button in the menu (or click here) or send him an email to jvalenzuela AT


No one has taught your child better than you have, so please let me know of any strategies you use to help your child succeed. These are things my mother and father did to ensure mine:

1. Make sure they have a quiet place to study each night
2. Ask to see their homework/classwork log to check that their assignments are in their notebook
3. Make sure your child has all of their materials and are prepared for class each day
4. Put them to bed to make sure they get 8 hours of sleep every night
5. Check the website for what your child ought to be working on in class:
6. Contact me whenever you have concerns about your child’s progress and periodically check SIS/Aspen
7. Sometimes students may need to stay after school to get extra help, so let me know if this is an issue for your family