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Forts and Castles

Forts and Castles of Ghana

During Mr. V's travels to Ghana in the summer of 2011, he was able to visit and document 11 different forts, castles, and slaving sites throughout the coastal regions of Ghana. To visit each site for yourself, click on the images below:

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[Standing at the "Slave River" or "Last Bath" at Assin Manso]

[View of Slave Dungeon #1]

[View of Slave Dungeon #2]

[View of Female Slave Dungeon at Cape Coast Castle]

European Forts That Today Are Labelled Castles

Cape Coast Castle, Cape Coast

Sao Jorge da Mina Castle ("Elmina Castle"), Elmina

Osu Castle, Accra

Other Significant Forts and Sites Used For Holding Captured/Enslaved Peoples

Fort Metal Cross, Dixcove

Fort San Sebastian, Shama

Fort Sao Antonio, Axim

Fort Amsterdam (Cormantin), Abdandze

Fort Gross Friedrichsburg, Prince's Town

Fort Apollonia, Beyin

Assin Manso (the "Slave River" or "Last Bath")

Fort James, Accra

Forts in Ruin or Only Used as Military Installations

Fort Nassau, Moree

Fort St. Jago, Elmina

Fort Victoria, Cape Coast