Mr. Valenzuela

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There are three types of classwork that will be graded in Civics: Good Stuff, Written Assignments, and your Interactive Student Notebook (ISN). Types of Classwork Assignments include:

* Ubuntu Points - UP is a point system that I keep track of where you receive points for positive work that you do in class, and lose points for negative actions you take in class. You can earn points in class each day for doing the Do Now quickly and quietly, participating in class discussion, and being positive.

* COW (Classwork of the Week)-You will also be required to complete a classwork assignment every day in class. Each day at the end of class, I will randomly choose 1 group’s classwork to grade. Classwork assignments will be graded on a 15-point scale, based on accuracy, completeness, and organization.

* Notebook-Lastly, your notebook counts as part of your classwork grade. Every 2 weeks you will take a notebook quiz, where I ask you questions about the content of your notebook. These quizzes will be worth 16 points each. I will also collect your notebook three times each term and grade it, for 100 points each time.

Homework is worth up to 20 percent of the final grade. Homework assignments will include:

* Letter to a Friend -At least 15 sentences that discuss the topic we studied in class that day. Sentences like “How are you?” don’t count towards your total sentence count!

* AIM Conversation-at least 20 messages about the topic we studied in class (“lol”, “lmao”, “what’s good”, and “deucesz” don’t count as messages!)

* Reflections-At least 15 sentences that discuss the topic we studied in class that day.

* Readings + Questions-Reading must be highlighted and annotated; all questions must be answered COMPLETELY, with at least 3 sentence answers.

* Illustrations-Must be colored and completed based on my instructions to get full credit.

* Fake Tests-At least 15 questions AND answers; can be multiple choice or short answer, but have to be about the assigned topic.

Assessments are your opportunity to demonstrate all that you’ve learned in Civics. Assessments help me to know what you’ve learned, and what I need to do a better job of teaching you. They are not meant to punish you—they are meant to help us both understand how successfully I am teaching you Civics, and how successfully you are learning it. Types of Assessments include:

* Quizzes-I will give closed-notebook quizzes every 1-2 weeks. These quizzes will be worth 25 points.

* Tests-There will be a major test at the end of each unit. These tests will be closed-notebook as well. They are worth 100 points.

* Projects-There will be one major project connected to each unit. You will have 2-3 weeks to complete each project. These projects will be a chance for you to demonstrate your understanding of the topics we’re studying in a creative way, instead of through a test. Projects will be worth as much as tests—100 points. That means that even if you’re not good at tests, if you do well on projects, it will balance out your grade in the assessment category.