Mr. Valenzuela

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I care about your success in school this year, and in order to help you get what you need and to make sure the class gets what it needs, these are the things that all students must do in order to be successful. These are not rules, they are the life of the class, like water or air. You can download the Classroom Procedures Handout or check out the PowerPoint presentation below!


Attendance matters! Research shows that kids who come to school do better; do not miss days because you will fall behind and get frustrated. Do not come late to my class (without a pass). Every three times you are late, you will serve a detention and a point will automatically be deducted from your grade.


You need to bring these materials with you everyday:

Pencil or pen

Notebook (1-Subject) for each term

Tape or a Mini-Stapler

In class, there will be supplies available that include a pencil sharpener, highlighters, and sometimes other items like tape, index cards, and post-its. You are expected to use all class supplies responsibly. If you CHOOSE to misuse these items, you will LOSE your privilege to use them!

Coming Into Class

You must come into class quietly and prepared with your materials so you can start the “Do Now.” If you cannot come into class quietly the first time, I will ask you step outside and try again. If you are late, you will lose “Ubuntu” Points for the week.

The “Do Now”

You will have five minutes to write down the Objective for the Day in your notebook and to start the “Do Now.” This is silent, independent work, so there is absolutely no talking (you will lose “Ubuntu” Points for talking); I will play music. You may not ask the teachers any questions, I want to see you give your best effort!


I cannot see any electronic devices out (cell phones, ‘kicks, PSPs, Nintendo DS, camera, whatever); if I see it, I will take it, and a parent or guardian will have to pick it up; this is the Policy of the Boston Public Schools! Just turn it off or silence it before you get to class, then it won’t distract you, and your life will be soooo much easier.


You will have homework everyday of the week. These assignments will ask you to do different things, but I expect that all of you can do them. If you do not turn in three HWs in a Unit, we will have a conference (afterschool) to discuss what’s going on, and I will call home. You must attend HW Academy to earn credit on late HW.

When You Are Absent

You will have one week to make up the work that you missed that day; I will not accept it after that! If you want to know what you missed:

Call a friend or call Mr. V! (617-942-1312) – only before 9 PM please.

Email ( or AIM (jvenil) me

Check the class website –

Retaking Tests/Quizzes

In order to re-take a test/quiz, you must attend two after school sessions with me, so you can get help on what you don’t understand; if you do not attend these sessions, you will receive the first score on the test/quiz. I will average out the score of the two, unless the first score is higher.

Getting Out of Your Seat

You must raise your hand to get out of your seat, (only one student up at a time); Use these hand signals to get my attention for leaving your seat:

For the bathroom, hold up an “O”

For water, hold up a “W”

For the nurse or office, hold up two fingers

Asking for Help

You must feel comfortable asking questions in this class. Raise your hand to get my attention, and wait. Do not simply blurt out “I need help!” Think of the specific question that you have. If you still feel confused, ask to stay after school or during lunch, I’m happy to help! In group work, you will need to ask the students in your group first

Leaving the Classroom

Only one student will be allowed out of the classroom at a time. You will need to turn in a Bathroom Pass from your notebook to Mr. V (you are only allowed 5 per term) before you go, and then take the hanging Bathroom Pass with you. To leave for the Nurse, make sure to take the hanging Nurse's Pass with you.

When You Need to Talk

Independent work: There is no talking

Partner/Group work: You will work often in pairs or groups of four where you will have a chance to talk about content

Class Discussion: To encourage talking I will call on students randomly (your ideas matter!)

Debate: Sometimes we will have debates where you take a stance on an important issue

Changing Seats

At the beginning of each Unit, I will change seating assignments. If you have a specific seating request, please write me a note and we can meet to discuss your needs.

Getting Your Attention

When I need your attention, I will raise my hand and say “Hands up” and you will have five seconds to raise your hand, face forward, and give me your silent attention for the next directions.

Ending Class

The last 5-10 minutes of every class will be saved for closing out class. You will “Show What You Know” by answering the Daily Objective question on an exit ticket. You must hand me your exit ticket in order for you to leave class. The clock or bell does not dismiss you, only I do.

Collecting Work

We will pass in work by passing papers into the class INBOX. At the end of class you must turn in the Exit Ticket into your class section tray and if you have been randomly chosen for that day also your “Classwork of the Week.”

Student Jobs

Students jobs and group roles will be posted in the classroom, and students will be expected to apply.