Mr. Valenzuela

About Humanities 7

Welcome to Humanities 7A at Boston Latin Academy!


This course is officially titled "Humanities 7A: World Geography and Global Issues," so we'll be covering some a range of topics, from map-making, to cities, to migration, to exploration and conquest, to slavery, to revolution and independence, to wars and conflicts, and transnational politics and peace. We'll have current events sprinkled throughout the year. To keep our studies focused, we will be answering some essential questions to guide our learning:

Humanities 7A Questions: Is geography destiny? How does geography shape who we are? How do we shape geography? How does geography help us understand our world?
Interdisciplinary Questions for 7th Graders: Why is it important to understand and ask questions about the status quo or the “way things are done?” How can we apply our learning in order to imagine and create a better world?

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