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Humanities 7 – Unit 2 People v. Columbus, et al Trial Project


Unit 2 People v. Columbus, et al Trial Project 2017

The goals of the Unit 2 Columbus Trial Project are: 1) to successfully build a case of innocence or guilt for the group's accussed perpetrator in the crime against the Taínos of Hispaniola in 1492; 2) to successfully present this argument in a mock trial in front of the whole class, using historical evidence and strong argumentation skills to win the case; and 3) to work collaboratively in a group according to the BLA schoolwide rubrics on collaboration and engaging with others.

If you need any of the class handouts (including the instructions and trial preparation handout) you can download them:

microsoft_word_logo The People v. Columbus, et al Trial Overview

adobe-pdf-logo The People v. Columbus, et al Trial Preparation

adobe-pdf-logo The People v. Columbus, et al Indictments

 The People v. Columbus, et al Trial Evidence Folder

youtube-logo The Spanish Empire Crash Course

youtube-logo The Columbian Exchange Crash Course

youtube-logo The Black Legend, Native Americans and Spaniards Crash Course

Trial Schedule

Thursday 10/26 - Introduce People v Columbus, et al trial and begin trial preparation in groups

Friday 10/27 - Continue trial preparation in groups

Monday 10/30 - Complete trial preparation in groups (final day)

Tuesday 10/31 - Trial begins with opening statements

Wednesday 11/1 - Trial continues with presentation of evidence and calling witnesses

Thursday 11/2 - Trial concludes with closing statements and jury verdict

Friday 11/3 - Typing trial reflections (two-paragraph mini-essay) in class

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