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Humanities 7 – Unit 6 Monsoon Asia Group Presentations


Unit 6 - Monsoon Asia Group Presentations

In this project, you will research and present on an assigned country from Monsoon Asia in teams of three or four. In this project, imagine your team has been hired by the government of a country in Monsoon Asia to present the biggest strengths and challenges of the country so that its leader can decide its next steps! The only thing is, that leader is very easily bored and confused, so your presentation must be supremely interesting, informative, and clear.


microsoft_word_logo Monsoon Asia Presentation

microsoft_word_logo Monsoon Asia Presentation Group Worksheet

ppt_icon Sample Monsoon Asia Country Research Presentation Template

microsoft_word_logo Monsoon Asia Presentation Rubric

Additional Resources

link CIA World FactBook

link World Development Data Indicators (Source: The World Bank)

link List of Featured Data Indicators (Source: The World Bank)

adobe-pdf-logo Country Profile Data Sheets (Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica)

youtube-logo Globalization I - Upside Crash Course [Video]

youtube-logo Globalization II - Good or Bad? Crash Course [Video]

Project Schedule

Wednesday 5/10 - Introduce project, get into groups (assign roles) and choose a country

Thursday 5/11 - Project work day in-class

Friday 5/12 - Project work day in-class

Monday 5/15 - Project work day in-class

Tuesday 5/16 - Project word day in-class

Wednesday 5/17 - Project is DUE and presentations begin!

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