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Humanities 7 – Homework – May 8


Today in class, students examined other solutions for managing population growth in China by reading several plans for dealing with energy consumption and job creation in the Geography Alive! textbook.

microsoft_word_logo Globalization: The Challenge to America (Source: The New York Times)

microsoft_word_logo Other Solutions for Population Growth

adobe-pdf-logo Other Solutions for Population Growth Reading

ppt_icon Whole Class Notes: Other Solutions for Population Growth

Homework - p. 10 - Read the article "Globalization: The Challenge to America" on the class website, then on a separate sheet (tape onto page 10 of your notebook) answer the Reading Understanding Questions in COMPLETE sentences below:

1) Based on the title, what does Friedman seem to think about globalization?

2) Why are American companies hiring Indians to be call center employees? Explain at least two reasons.

3) What does the author most likely mean when he states that “Boston, Bangalore, and Beijing became next-door neighbors overnight?”

4) Based on paragraph 19, how does the author suggest that China has changed?

5) Based on the reading, come up with your own definitions for the following terms:


standard of living


free market

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