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Humanities 7 – Monsoons in India WebQuest [Instructions]

Monsoons in India WebQuest

[This is adapted from the teacher website: Mr. Izor's Akins Geography] Water in India is a matter of extremes, veering between drought and floods, life and death. There is no other place on the planet with such wide vacillations between wet and dry. Water weighs so heavily on the Indian mind that the Hindu faithful see the country’s rivers as sacred. Yet, at the same time, mastery of these holy rivers has been vital to India’s existence.

Against this background this is a Web Quest Challenge for students to explore many aspects of the monsoon in India, begin to understand the importance of the monsoon to the very existence of the people, its place in the culture and some of the current issues in its management on the macro scale in the day to day lives in rural and urban areas.

Open the Google Form in a new tab, then continue the WebQuest below:

Watch the introductory video:

1. Why does "monsoon" refer more to "wind" than to "rain"? Write the definition for "monsoon."

Listen to music

The monsoon is celebrated with song and dance in the popular culture aka bollywood movies and pop music as well as in classical music traditions. Suggested search terms: "Raag Megh Malhar" or "Bollywood rain songs." Answer the questions in the Google Form that goes with this WebQuest:

2. Do you know any other songs about rain?

3. How do you feel when it rains?

4. What season is most important to you and why?

Read the following article and answer the questions:

5. Some places have too much water and some none at all. What can we do? Explore issues around building big dams to manage water in the article.

6. Other countries have also dammed rivers to try and manage the water supply. Can you find examples from other countries and compare outcomes?

Read at least one of the articles here and answer the questions:

7. What are problems India faces when it comes to water? Too much rain, too little rain?

8. How are people in rural areas affected? Do urban dwellers fare better?

9. How would you cope with either too much rain or not enough drinking water?

2012 Floods and Drought

As the above author mentions India veers between drought and floods – but 2012 saw both extremes at around the same time in different parts of the country.

10. Write a 3 or 4 sentence summary about how the floods and drought affected India in 2012. Suggested search terms: "India Monsoon floods 2012" and "India drought 2012"

The Challenge

11. Are there any solutions to weathering an unpredictable monsoon?

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