Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Nov 7


Today in class, students reviewed what they have learned in Humanities during Term 1 in preparation for their Term 1 Test on Thursday by completing a review game in groups.

link Humanities 7 Term 1 Jeopardy Review

link Quizlet: Term 1 Flashcards

link Latin America Map Practice Quiz

youtube-logo North and South America from "Tap the World!" [Video]

Homework - p. 52 - On a separate sheet taped on to p. 52, create a fake test of 15 questions AND their answers on information that you learned during all of Term 1. Make sure that your fake test is balanced between questions from Units 0, 1 and 2 (five questions from each Unit). You are welcome to create any type of question (multiple choice, true or false, short answer), but you must have the answers to your test marked.

Study for your Term 1 Test on Thursday 11/5!

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