Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 19


Today in class, students began our new unit titled Unit 2: The Legacy of Conquest and Exploration by previewing the names of the countries in modern Latin America and the vocabulary that will be exposed to students throughout Unit 2.

microsoft_word_logo Unit 2 Vocabulary Handout

adobe-pdf-logo Blank Latin America Map

adobe-pdf-logo Latin America Map

quizlet icon Unit 2 Flashcards

Homework - p. 36+37 - Complete the Unit 2 Vocabulary Handout and fill in your blank Latin America Map in preparation for Friday's quiz.

We will have a quiz on Friday on the new terms for Unit 2, so make sure to study a little bit each night using the Unit 2 Flashcards (on Quizlet).

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