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Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 21


Today in class, students experienced the effects of the Columbian Exchange both on the "Old World" (Europe/Asia/Africa) and the "New World" (the Americas) by participating in a role-playing activity. Students also watched a short video on the history of the Spanish Empire in order to explain how Spain went from being a middling European country to one of the most powerful empires in the entire world between the 1500s and mid-1700s.

adobe-pdf-logo Columbian Exchange and Spanish Empire Understanding Questions

youtube-logo The Spanish Empire Crash Course

microsoft_word_logo Columbian Exchange Reflection

Homework - p. 40 - Complete the reflection on who benefited more from the first encounters between the Spanish and the Native Americans.

Reminder: Make sure to spend some time studying your Latin America map and the Unit 2 Vocabulary in preparation for Friday's quiz!

link Latin America Map Quiz <-- to help you study!!!

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