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Humanities 7 – Summer Make Up Assignment


Humanities 7 Summer Make Up Assignment

In this make up assignment, you will put together the various skills learned during the year in Humanities 7. The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs. One of their main goals is to fight poverty. Their motto is “Working for a world free of poverty.” In deciding which countries to invest in, the World Bank is seeking your assistance in researching the countries that are being considered for investment. You will also make recommendations about the countries that should receive the loans, as well as the particular types of anti-poverty programs that you believe, based on your research, are best at meeting the World Bank’s main goal of reducing poverty in the world. You will complete this assignment in steps.


microsoft_word_logo Humanities 7 Summer Make Up Assignment

microsoft_word_logo Blank Country Fact Sheet Template

microsoft_word_logo Blank Anti Poverty Program Research Template

ppt_icon Blank Presentation Slides Template

Research Links

link CIA World Factbook

link GapMinder

link World Bank Country and Economy Profiles

link East Asia and Pacific Region Profile (Source: World Bank)

link Latin America Region Profile (Source: World Bank)

link Middle East and North Africa Region Profile (Source: World Bank)

link Sub-Saharan Africa Region Profile (Source: World Bank)

link South Asia Region Profile (Source: World Bank)

link Climate Change (Source: World Bank)

link Girls' Education (Source: World Bank)

link Food Security (Source: World Bank)

link Jobs and Poverty (Source: World Bank)

link Water (Source: World Bank)

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