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Humanities 7 – Final Exam Review


Humanities 7 Final Exam Review

This week, students will spend five days preparing with Mr. V and their classmates for the Humanities 7 Final Exam. The final schedule (posted below) begins on Thursday 6/16 until Tuesday 6/21, with final exam make ups scheduled for Wednesday 6/22. The review for the final exam will be counted as part of your final exam grade, so make sure to complete each step for full credit!


adobe-pdf-logo Finals Review Study Packet

adobe-pdf-logo BLA Final Exam Schedule

Review Games and Study Links

link Final Exam Review Flashcards (Source: Quizlet)

link Latin America Map Practice Quiz

link Africa Map Practice Quiz

link Monsoon Asia and SWC Asia Map Practice Quiz

link Europe and Russia Map Practice Quiz

link Final Exam Jeopardy Review Game

 youtube-logo "Tap the World!" Countries and Territories of the World [Video]

Final Exam Review Schedule

Thursday 6/9 - Introduce Final Exam Review Packet

Friday 6/10 - Final Exam Review (Unit 1 and Kahoot)

Monday 6/13 - Final Exam Review (Units 2, 3, 4 and Kahoot)

Tuesday 6/14 - Final Exam Review (Units 5, 6, 7 and Kahoot)

Wednesday 6/15 - Final Exam Review Games (Jeopardy, etc.)

Thursday 6/16 - Final Exam for Sections 1 and 2

Friday 6/17 - Final Exam for Section 3

Monday 6/20 - Final Exam for Section 5

Tuesday 6/21 - Final Exam for Section 4

Wednesday 6/22 - Make Up Day for Final Exams

Thursday 6/23 and Friday 6/24 - Early Release Days (10:45 AM) and Final Days of School!

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