Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – May 17


Today in class, students examined the underlying causes and effects of the Syrian conflict from 2011 to the present by researching news articles on the topic.

adobe-pdf-logo Conflict in Syria Group Research

link The Confused Person's Guide to the Syrian Civil War (Source: The Atlantic)

link What Is Happening in Syria? (Source: BBC News)

link From Arab Spring to Civil War (Source: Associated Press)

link Syria’s Crisis and Global Response (Source: Council on Foreign Relations)

link Syria Regional Refugee Response (Source: UN Refugee Agency)

link Al Jazeera: The Syrian Squeeze (Source: Al Jazeera)

link Syria (Source: The New York Times)

Homework - p. 10 - Read the comic book "What is the role of climate change in the conflict in Syria?" When you are finished, on a separate sheet of paper, write a reflection of 10 sentences on how this conflict could have been avoided.


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