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Humanities 7 – Unit 7 Model EU And The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Unit 7 Model European Union & The Syrian Refugee Crisis

In this unit, students will understand the various perspectives of European nations in how to respond to the Syrian Refugee Crisis of 2011-2016 by actively participating in a role play activity. The goals of this project are to: 1) understand the crisis from various European perspectives; 2) engage in a simulation that attempts to demonstrate the challenges of supranational cooperation amongst EU nations; and 3) to ultimately find a solution to this crisis.


microsoft_word_logo Unit 7 Model EU Debate Instructions

microsoft_word_logo My EU Nation Fact Sheet

microsoft_word_logo My EU Nation Data Analysis

adobe-pdf-logo EU Survey Data on Migration

 Research Links

link EU Member Country Profiles (Source:

link The World Factbook (Source: CIA)

adobe-pdf-logo Asylum Applicants by Destination Country in Europe (Source: Eurostat)

adobe-pdf-logo Top 5 Citizenship of Asylum Applicants by EU Country Oct-Dec 2015 (Source: Eurostat)

link Europe's Migration Crisis In 25 Photos (Source: CNN)

link Timeline of Syrian Refugee Crisis (Source: Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute)

link Migrant Crisis: Migration to Europe Explained in Seven Charts (Source: BBC)

link Migrant and Refugee Crisis in Europe (Source: UNICEF)

Video and Additional Resources

youtube-logo The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained (Source: Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell)

youtube-logo Most Shocking One Second A Day Video (Source: Save The Children)

Project Schedule

Friday 5/20 - Introduce project and begin research on assigned EU country

Monday 5/23 - Research on assigned EU country and its stance on refugee crisis

Tuesday 5/24 - Conference with other countries to lobby for support on amendments, draft changes

Wednesday 5/25 - Debate with other EU countries on amendments

Thursday 5/26 - Debate with other EU countries on amendments

Friday 5/27 - Complete the Model EU debates, vote on amendments, and reflection

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