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Humanities 7 – Unit 5 Working For Change In Girls’ Education


Unit 5 - Working For Change in Girls' Education

Throughout this unit, we have been focused on how conflicts and war have affected the region of Southwest and Central Asia. In particular, we have looked at the harrowing story of Malala Yousafzai who stood up to the Taliban in her struggle for an education. After learning about this region, reading I Am Malala, and watching He Named Me Malala, you will now create a presentation to educate others about the ways individuals and organizations are working to make progress in the promotion of girls education around the world.


microsoft_word_logo Unit 5 Project Working For Change Instructions

Research Links

link The Malala Fund (more info about Malala and her story)

adobe-pdf-logo What Works In Girls Education Fact Sheet (Source: The Malala Fund)

adobe-pdf-logo International Organizations Working To Promote Girls' Education

link Ideas For How To Get Involved (Source: The Malala Fund)

Project Schedule

Thursday 3/24 - Introduce project, begin research

Monday 3/28 - Project work day

Tuesday 3/29 - Project work day and peer review (with rubric)

Wednesday 3/30 - Projects are DUE and publication celebration

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