Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 3


Today in class, students deepened their understanding of the conflicts in Iran today by looking at a timeline of events in Iran from 1979 to the present, examining the Iran Nuclear Deal, and watching a video on life in modern day Tehran (the capital of Iran).

microsoft_word_logo Modern Iran Timeline and Parts Unknown

microsoft_word_logo Modern Iran Timeline Poster

link Iran History Timeline (Source: BBC)

link Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Source: CNN)

link History of Iran's Nuclear Program [Video] (Source: The Choices Program)

Homework - p. 20 - Complete the Modern Iran Timeline Poster for one of the events from the timeline in class today. Make sure to explain your event, and your poster should be neat and colorful.

Reminder - You have a Notebook Quiz tomorrow!

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