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Humanities 7 – Unit 4 Ghana Slave Memorial Project


Unit 4 Slave Memorial Project

In this unit, we have been focused on how Africans shaped and were shaped by the Atlantic Slave Trade (from 1500 to the 1880s). Within this 400-year period, Europeans built more than sixty (60) forts and castles along the Ghanaian coastline to defend their trade; primary among this trade was the purchase and sale of enslaved Africans. But how do we choose to remember this history? Many of these monuments still exist as a reminder of the past, some in good condition, others in ruins. Are these buildings worth preserving or should they be used in some other way?


microsoft_word_logo Ghana Slave Memorial Debate Instructions

microsoft_word_logo Committee Style Debate Prep Handout

Research Links

link Forts and Castles of Ghana

link Summary of Mr. V's Trip to Ghana in 2011

link Journal Entries from Mr. V's Trip to Ghana in 2011

Debate Schedule

Monday - Project Work Day

Tuesday - Project Work Day

Wednesday - Debate Begins (Selection of Committee Members from Each Group)

Thursday - Debate Concludes

Friday - Map Quiz on African Countries

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