Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 26


Today in class, students began preparation for completing a mock trial activity in class The People v. Columbus, et al by reading over the various indictments in the "case," and preparing a defense for their "clients" in groups. Students assigned themselves roles in the activity and will have two class periods to prepare (in-class and at home for homework). The trial begins on Wednesday with opening statements.

microsoft_word_logo The People v. Columbus, et al Trial Overview

adobe-pdf-logo The People v. Columbus, et al Trial Preparation

adobe-pdf-logo The People v. Columbus, et al Indictments

Homework - p. 46 - Write a reflection of 10+ sentences on which one of the accused (Columbus, Columbus' men, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the Taínos, or the System of Empire) is MOST guilty, and why.

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