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Humanities 7 – Unit 1 Boston Neighborhoods Project


Unit 1 Boston Neighborhoods Project 2015

The goals of the Unit 1 Boston Neighborhoods Project are: 1) to gain proficiency in Boston’s local features; 2) to practice creating and analyzing thematic maps; and 3) to celebrate the many neighborhoods BLA students come from by learning about each!

If you need any of the class handouts (including the instructions and the background articles) you can download them:

microsoft_word_logo Boston Neighborhoods Project (Instructions)

microsoft_word_logo Boston Background Articles

microsoft_word_logo Boston Neighborhood Map Rubric

adobe-pdf-logo Sample Completed Map Project (Mission Hill)

Start your research here --> Historical Background on Neighborhoods of Boston (Source: City of Boston)

1) Allston/Brighton:

adobe-pdf-logo Allston/Brighton Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Allston/Brighton Neighborhood Map

2) Downtown (which for this project includes the following neighborhoods):

adobe-pdf-logo Back Bay Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Beacon Hill/Bay Village Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Chinatown Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Fenway/Kenmore Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo North End Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo South End Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Downtown Neighborhood Map

3) Charlestown:

adobe-pdf-logo Charlestown Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Charlestown Neighborhood Map

4) Dorchester and Mattapan:

adobe-pdf-logo Dorchester/Mattapan Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Dorchester Neighborhood Map

adobe-pdf-logo Mattapan Neighborhood Map

5) East Boston:

adobe-pdf-logo East Boston Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo East Boston Neighborhood Map

6) Jamaica Plain and Roslindale:

adobe-pdf-logo Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Roslindale Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Map

adobe-pdf-logo Roslindale Neighborhood Map

7) Roxbury:

adobe-pdf-logo Roxbury Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Roxbury Neighborhood Map

8) South Boston:

adobe-pdf-logo South Boston Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo South Boston Neighborhood Map

9) West Roxbury and Hyde Park:

adobe-pdf-logo West Roxbury Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo West Roxbury Neighborhood Map

adobe-pdf-logo Hyde Park Neighborhood Brochure

adobe-pdf-logo Hyde Park Neighborhood Map

General Resources and Links

Use the links below to start creating your maps or to find the places for your thematic map (transportation, education, entertainment, sightseeing, food).

1) Maps

link Google Maps

link Boston Redevelopment Authority

link Bostonography

link Boston Neighborhood Maps

2) Transportation

link MBTA

3) Sightseeing, Entertainment and Food

link Yelp

link TripAdvisor

link WikiTravel

link FourSquare

4) Education

adobe-pdf-logo Boston Public Schools Map

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