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FHAO Race and Membership – Boston School Desegregation Through Busing

students boarding busses at hunterdon hs3/3/09photo george pacciello

Today in our morning seminar, participants learned about the ways in which public policy and social attitudes toward race influenced educational access for students in the Boston Public Schools prior to 1974, and how individuals and groups challenged these ideas by watching a film clip from Eyes on the Prize ("Keys to the Kingdom") and examining the facts and statistics on Boston Public Schools then and today.

 FHAO Race+Membership Boston School Desegregation Through Busing

youtube-logo Eyes on the Prize ("Keys to the Kingdom") Video

youtube-logo Beyond Brown: Pursuing the Promise Video

link This American Life - The Problem We Live With Part I and Part II

link Boston School Desegregation And Busing: A Timeline Of Events

link "It Was Like A 'War Zone': Busing In Boston" (WBUR)

link The Chinese Experience: Desegregation Through Busing

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