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FHAO Race and Membership: Legal Strategies of the NAACPedia


Today in our morning seminar, participants created a group timeline of important dates, individuals, groups, and court cases that helped to shape the road to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education.

1)  Legal Strategies of the NAACPedia Master Slides

Begin by downloading your group's slide template, then use the link to research the information needed for your slide

2)  Plessy v. Ferguson (model slide)

3) Charles Hamilton Houston

 Charles Hamilton Houston (slide template)

link Charles Hamilton Houston (research link)

4) Thurgood Marshall

 Thurgood Marshall (slide template)

link Thurgood Marshall (research link)

5) Daisy Bates

 Gaines v. Canada (slide template)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Gaines v. Canada (research link)

6) The NAACP

 The NAACP (slide template)

link The NAACP (research link)

7) Buchanan v. Warley

 Buchanan v. Warley (slide template)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Buchanan v. Warley (research link)

8) Mendez v. Westminster

 Mendez v. Westminster (slide template)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Mendez v. Westminster (research link)

9) Sweatt v. Painter

 Sweatt v. Painter (slide template)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Sweatt v. Painter (research link)

10) McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents

 McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents (slide template)

legal_scales_black_silhouette McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents (research link)

11) Henderson v. United States

 Henderson v. United States (slide template)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Henderson v. United States (research link) <-- Note: click "Annotation"

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