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Civics – Unit 3 Constitution Handbook Project

constitution backbone

The goal of this project is to pretend that a group of exchange students are visiting the United States, and as part of their trip must complete a report on our government. In order to help them, you will design a handbook that explains the United States Constitution – what it is, its parts, and the information about the government that it explains. Use your notebook, the textbook and the Internet to research information about the Constitution before beginning your handbook! Your handbook can be neatly handwritten or typed in Microsoft Word or in PowerPoint.

microsoft_word_logo Unit 3 Constitution Handbook Project

microsoft_word_logo Unit 3 Project Planner Graphic Organizer

Step 1 - Complete the Unit 3 Project Planner handout! Due: Wednesday December 18th

Step 2 - Create and design your handbook! Due: Friday January 3rd

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