Mr. Valenzuela

Civics – Unit 6 Project


We have been studying about the school-to-prison pipeline and the juvenile criminal justice system for the last two weeks. Now it is your turn to take what you have learned and educate others about what is going on in our schools today!

You will decide how you will present the information you have learned (either a Poster, PowerPoint, or Brochure). Use your project graphic organizer to help you outline the different sections of your project, but it is up to you to be creative about how you want your poster/PowerPoint/brochure to look like!


Click "Continue Reading" to find the links you will need to complete your RESEARCH for this project, you can come back to them anytime to help you!

1) Project Guidelines and Handouts

(a) Unit 6 Project Directions

(b) Unit 6 Project Completion Steps

(c) Unit 6 Project Organizer

2) Facts About the School-to-Prison Pipeline

(a) ACLU's School-to-Prison Pipeline and ACLU's School-to-Prison Pipeline Game

(b) School to Prison Pipeline Facts (with student responses) and Misplaced Priorities: A New Report from NAACP

3) Facts and Statistics About School-Based Arrests, Dropout Rates, and Student Solutions to the Dropout Crisis

(a) Dropout Rates from Project Dropout (in Massachusetts)

(b) Why Do Students Drop Out of School? and Student Led Solutions to the Dropout Crisis (from the VOYCE Project)

(c) Arrested Futures: The Criminalization of School Discipline in Massachusetts' Three Largest School Districts (from the Massachusetts ACLU; to read the full report click here)

(d) Keeping Kids in School and Out of Court: Report and Recommendations (from the New York School-Justice Partnership Task Force)

4) Films to Help You Understand the School-to-Prison Pipeline

(a) Set Up and Breaking the Pipeline (videos from Global Action Project)

(b) Bring Your 'A' Game (video from The 21st Century Foundation)

(c) Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline (video from MSNBC)

5) Articles on the School-to-Prison Pipeline

(a) Getting the Juvenile Justice System to Grow Up (from TIME Magazine)

(b) The New Jim Crow (from Huffington Post)

(c) Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline (from Alternet)

(d) LAUSD drops “willful defiance” suspensions for “restorative justice” approach (from Boyle Heights Beat)

6) Other Resources on Juvenile Justice

(a) PBS Frontline Juveniles

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