Mr. Valenzuela

Civics – Change Agents

Today in class we will be gathering evidence for the Common Writing Assignment. Our writing prompt for this unit, as re-written by YOU the students is:

Write a 5 paragraph essay and describe 2 or 3 other individuals, groups, institutions and/or ideas that also contributed to the desegregation of Central High and argue why they deserve to be remembered (in a memorial).

1) Download today's handout to complete the classwork - CWA Gathering Evidence

2) Choose 3-5 individuals, groups, institutions and/or ideas from the list and begin reading more about them to gather evidence about what he/she/they/it did to contribute to the desegregation of Central High School

Daisy Bates

President Eisenhower

Governor Faubus


101st Airborne

14th Amendment

White Teachers

White Students

White Adults


3) Write down the source of the information, as well as any comments or questions you have about the information you have read today on CWA Gathering Evidence handout!

Homework - p. 38 - Complete the Supporting a Thesis CWA Preparation Handout by choosing one individual/group/institution/idea that should be honored alongside the Little Rock Nine.

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