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Civics – Legal Strategies of the NAACPedia


Today in class, students described the strategies used by the NAACP for overturning Plessy and for ending segregation in schools, trains, etc. In groups, students created Wikipedia-style encyclopedic entries on today's subject.

1)  NAACP-Encyclopedia Template

2) Submit your group's PowerPoint slides

Click "continue reading" for instructions on completing your group's PowerPoint slide.

Instructions for 

1) Download the template for your group’s PowerPoint slide from

2) Open the PowerPoint and save the file by renaming it with the Last Name and First Initial of every person in your group – ex. “ValenzuelaJ_CainJ_SumnerK_NAACP-Encyclopedia.ppt”

3) Complete the second slide of your PowerPoint based on which group or case you’ve been assigned by putting the title for your slide answering the following questions:

  • If a court case, when was your case argued?
  • What were the details/facts of the case?
  • What did the courts decide?
  • Why do you think this court case might have been important towards ending segregation in the United States?

If your group was assigned the NAACP, answer the following questions:

  • What does “NAACP” stand for? When was the NAACP created? Who created it?
  • Who formed the special legal team for the NAACP in its fight against segregation?
  • What did the team’s first cases deal with? Why?

4) Finally, add a relevant picture for your group or case – ask Mr. V, if you need help!

5) Save the file and submit to Mr. V using the link on the class website

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