Mr. Valenzuela

Civics – Extra Credit on 2nd Amendment

Watch the videos below on some of the history of the 2nd Amendment and militias and how they operated before and during the American Revolutionary War. When you are finished, answer the reflection questions (in 1-2 COMPLETE SENTENCES) by clicking on "Comment" and typing your answers (or you can email your answers).

These questions are due by Wednesday January 30, 2013.

1. What was the difference between a member of the militia and a minuteman?
2. At what age did a colonial teenager receive his first musket and how much was the musket worth in today's terms?
3. Why was a musket so in-accurate?
4. How did children help prepare the ammunition at home during the American Revolution?
5. What embarrassing mistake did some soldiers make when loading the musket in battle?
6. Reflect - Why do you think militias were so important to the colonies? Do you think that we still need militias (like the National Guard) today? Why or why not?


Watch Part 2 here

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