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Civics – Researching the Candidates for President

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In class on Thursday and Friday of this week, students have a chance to research the various candidates for President by completing an online station rotation activity and WebQuest! To complete the classwork, you can download the handout or click "Continue Reading" below to get started!

Presidential Candidates Station Rotation Handout

Homework - p. 48 - Write 6+ sentences explaining what is the MOST IMPORTANT issue for you in deciding who should be the next President and why.


1) Station 1 - Job of the President of the United States

2) Station 2 - Virgil Goode’s Biography and Planks

3) Station 3 - Gary Johnson’s Biography and Planks

4) Station 4 - Barack Obama’s Biography and Planks

5) Station 5 - Mitt Romney’s Biography and Planks

6) Station 6 - Jill Stein’s Biography and Planks

7) Station 7 - Presidential Election Quiz

8) Station 8 - Watch each of the candidates' videos:

Bonus) Background on the US political parties in this election!

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