Mr. Valenzuela

Advanced Blogging PD

Below are a selection of various website themes for you to peruse as you consider adding more advanced content to your sites.

WordPress Themes

Weebly Themes

Woo Themes for WordPress

HTML 5 and WordPress - for the really adventurous!

Tips, tricks & resources

Promote your blog with Tumblr

Todaysmeet - can be used as a backchannel or a forum for study groups

Glogster - create a graphic poster that you can embed on a class site (perfect for "splash" pages)

Animoto - take still-images and create interactive 30-second videos

Vimeo - set up a free account to upload original video content to use & embed on your site!

Quizlet - you can embed flashcards and games right on to your website for students to study!

Delicious - can be used as a way to "save" all of your online classroom resources in one place! "Tag" bookmarks too!

Quicktime tutorials - support for how to use Quicktime to make your own "How To Videos" using screen capture mode

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