Mr. Valenzuela

Ghana – Akwaaba

In Twi, one of the indigenous languages of Ghana, "akwaaba" means "welcome." Mr. V has finally arrived in Ghana, spending the previous three days in its capital city Accra. After an 11 hour flight from the United States, these few days have been useful for resting, becoming acclimated to our environments, and enjoying the food and sites that Accra has to offer. Some work has already been done, documenting images for my project at the National Museum, which houses a couple of exhibits and artifacts from the slave trade period (including many interesting items from the slaving ship Fredensburg, a Danish-Norwegian ship of which I have read about in my preliminary research). There also has been a lot of recreation in speaking with locals, including an entire group of primary school students from Unity Prep School in the Central Region (on a field trip to Accra)! There is a lot to see and try, but there will also be some work to do. On Monday, I plan on visiting Prof. Emmanuel Akyeampong from Harvard University at his summer office at the University of Ghana in Legon. There will definitely more to report soon and pictures to come shortly, so stay tuned to the class website as I continue my journey! Thanks for all of the support so far!

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