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Gilder Lehrman Institute – Reflections


On my last day here at Dartmouth College, I think it's appropriate to reflect on the experience that I had this week here. I first want to thank Professor Colin Calloway. His knowledge of Native American history is immense, but I was even more impressed with his empathy towards Native American issues today, as well as his commitment to teaching Natives and non-Natives this important part of our rich, continental American history. His lectures have been invaluable to me. I also want to thank the other 28 educators that joined me on this journey. Knowledge isn't acquired in a vacuum, and I learned as much from them, as I learned from the professors of this seminar. I wish you all luck in your future teaching. What I will take most from this seminar is the idea that Native American IS American history. Understanding the history of Natives Americans in the United States is essential to understanding all of our collective American history. This isn't meant to "revise" history and present the counter narrative of the story that hasn't been told often enough (if at all) in history textbooks, but rather, as Prof. Calloway states, to enrich our history with the full depth of the thousands of years of history of human beings that have existed on this continent. To deprive our students of this knowledge would be criminal.

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