Mr. Valenzuela

US History – Reconstruction Day 1


Good morning students, Mr. V is not in school today (his girlfriend is being sworn into the Massachusetts Bar Association today!). I expect you to work hard while I'm gone.

Copy down the Objective and Do Now below on page 62 (Title=Reconstruction Letter):

Objective - SWBAT describe how the nation began to rebuild itself immediately after the end of the Civil War

Do Now - At the end of the Civil War, do you think the South deserved to be punished? Or do you think they deserved to have their cities and towns rebuilt after they were completely destroyed?

Download the following handouts to complete today's classwork:

1) Reconstruction Reading

2) The Reconstruction Era Guided Questions (tape on to page 63)

Homework - p. 62 - Write a letter to a friend about what you learned in class today about the Reconstruction Era (right after the end of the Civil War).

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