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US History – Slave Uprisings in North America

As we begin to narrow our suspects of who caused the Civil War (and therefore is to blame for the deaths of 620,000 Americans), today we consider whether the various slave uprisings of North America in the 19th century are to blame.

You will be completing a WebQuest to understand more about this time period. When you finish email your completed WebQuest to (name it “Lastname_firstinital_Slavery WebQuest) by 3:30p.m. on TUESDAY MAY 24!

To get started, download the handout you'll need to record your notes:

Slave Uprisings WebQuest

Begin your WebQuest and explore the different events below by clicking on the links:

A) Haitian Revolution and the Impact of the Revolution (1803)

B) German Coast Uprising and When Slaves Attacked New Orleans Audio (1811)

C) Nat Turner's Rebellion (1831)

D) Amistad and Chronology (1839)

E) Kansas Nebraska Act (1854)

F) John Brown (1859)

Homework - p. 52 - Write 10 sentences explaining how the suspects from today’s readings might have caused the Civil War (Today's suspects: Haitian Revolution, German Coast Uprising, Nat Turner, Amistad, Kansas, John Brown)

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