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US History – Postcards from the Frontlines Project


The goal of this project is to work in groups to understand (through primary and secondary sources) the experiences of five different groups of Americans that were challenged and impacted by the Civil War. Groups will each create five postcards (based on their research) that represent the experiences of Americans during this time period.

The essential questions of this project are: What kinds of challenges did different groups of Americans face during the Civil War? How did the Civil War impact these different groups of Americans? How does photography enhance our understanding of the Civil War?

Download the following handouts to help you get started on completing this group project:

1) Postcards from the Frontlines Instructions

2) Group Preparation Handout

3) Postcards from the Frontlines PowerPoint

4) Sample postcard

Download the following primary and secondary sources to better help you understand the experiences of different groups during the Civil War (1861-1865):

1) Soldiers - Excerpts from Soldiers (Primary source); Civil War's Impacts on Soldiers (Secondary source)

2) Government Leaders - Excerpts from Government Leaders (Primary source); Challenges of Civil War Leaders (Secondary source)

3) African Americans - Excerpts from African Americans (Primary source); Civil War's Impacts on African Americans (Secondary source)

4) Women - Excerpts from Women (Primary source); Women's Contributions to the Civil War (Secondary source)

5) Irish Immigrants - Excerpts from Irish-Americans during the Draft Riots (Primary source); The Irish During the Civil War (Secondary source)

Links to Civil War photographs:

1) PBS' "The Civil War" - Images of the Civil War

2) Photos of the Civil War from the National Archives

This group project is due on Friday June 10, 2011 @ 3:30 pm (email This project is worth 100 points!

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