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US History – Rhode Island Slavery Debate


This week students will be role playing an actual historical debate that took place in Rhode Island in 1784!

Tasks to complete in groups to prepare for the debate:

Part 1 – Read the background information for your option

Part 2 – Complete the four questions for you group (townspeople will come up with their own questions to ask during the debate)

Part 3 – Assign group roles

Part 4 (optional) – Create a poster/visual for your option during your presentation

Handouts to help you prepare for the debate:

1) Winter 1783 - Debate Background Information

2) Options in Brief

Download the following just for your group/role!

3) Option 1 - Continue Trading and Owning Slaves

4) Option 2 - Emancipate Gradually

5) Option 3 - Emancipate Immediately and Completely

6) Option 4 - Send Africans Back to Africa

7) Townspeople

Handouts to complete before the day of the debate:

1) Preparing for the Role Play

2) Townspeople Preparation

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