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US History – Manifest Destiny Essay

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Today we will be drafting our essays based on all of the reflections that we have been writing throughout this unit over the past couple of weeks. Make sure you download the following handout below (Mr. V will also pass out a hard copy):

Essay Completion Steps

Once you have downloaded the handout, open up this link and wait for Mr. V to show you how to proceed with Step #1 of your essay draft! Use the rubric below to make sure you are turning in a terrific final draft!

Manifest Destiny Final Essay Rubric

Homework - Make sure that you are working each night on parts of the essay to make sure that you turn in the final draft on time! The question that you are answering is:

Did the United States act ethically in the way it moved West? Was the United States justified in how it acquired new territory in the 19th century?

This essay is due Friday April 8, 2011! If you are not working on this outside of class, you will have a very difficult time meeting Friday's deadline! Go to Edline to drop off the final draft or click on this link to go directly to the drop box.

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