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US History – Mexican American War

US-Mexico War Poster

Today in class, we will be having a "Tea Party"! But this is no ORDINARY party! At this party are present the different people that all played a part in the US War with Mexico (1846-1848). You will be assigned one of the roles today, and your task will be to meet the others involved and find out more about them. Download the following handout to help you learn about each person:

Tea Party Handouts

If you can't see the Do Now, click on the link here to see it.

Homework - p. 14 - Read the handout "We Take Nothing By Conquest, Thank God" and highlight/underline the important information, write at least 6 comments/questions/reactions/connections in the margins, and answer the reflection questions on the back! Due Thursday March 31, 2011.

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