Mr. Valenzuela

Grade 8 – Legacy Term 3 Interdisciplinary Project


In an extended homeroom, you will be working on the first draft of the Term 3 Legacy IP - a brochure on the legacy of race in the United States!

page 1) Use this website to help you complete the first section ("Legacies of Race") and all other sections - Understanding Race

page 2) Use this to help you find a story about someone's experience of race - Melba Patillo

page 3) Use this to help you with the brochure page on the US Census - Census.pdf

page 4) Use this document to help you come up with your own definitions of "race" - Definitions of Race

page 5) Use this to help you summarize the movie about Sandra Laing - Article on Sandra Laing

page 6) Use this to help you understand "affirmative action" - What is affirmative action?

This project is due at the end of extended homeroom! If you need extra time, then please speak with your homeroom teacher. This draft will make up 50 points worth of your total IP grade for Term #3!

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