Mr. Valenzuela

US History – Letter from Jefferson to Monroe

Good morning 9th graders!

Mr. V is on the 8th grade field trip today. You are responsible for completing all of your work. If you do not have a laptop today, you must print out the classwork from a classmate's laptop. All completed work must be emailed to Mr. V by 3:30 pm today! ( - If you printed out your work, leave it on Mr. V's desk at the end of class.

Copy the following down on Page 112 of your Notebook:

Monroe Term #2 Report Card

Objective - SWBAT evaluate James Monroe's presidency by cracking the code on a primary source document

Do Now - Download the Monroe Doctrine Cartoons PowerPoint. Answer the questions (just number the questions on page 112) in your notebook for each cartoon/slide.

Page 113 - Jefferson's Letter to Monroe

Classwork - Page 113 - Jefferson's Letter to Monroe (see below to download this handout)

Download the following handout to complete today's classwork on excerpts from a letter from Thomas Jefferson to President James Monroe:

Crack the Code - Jefferson's Letter to Monroe

Homework - p. 112 - Complete the Term 2 Report Card grade for James Monroe based on the information that you learned in class today! Hand write this at the bottom of Page 112 please.

p. 113 - Complete the SOAP for the classwork on Jefferson's Letter to Monroe

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