Mr. Valenzuela

Civics – Bill of Rights Review

Today we are strengthening our understanding of the Bill of Rights by completing some review activities!

Do Now - Which right of citizens protected by the Bill of Rights do you think is most important? Why?

Free Write (p. 17) - —President Obama has decided to eliminate ONE amendment from the Bill of Rights. —Which amendment would you absolutely NOT want him to eliminate? Why? — Which amendment would you support him eliminating? Why?

Make flashcards - Click "continue reading" below to see the full list of flashcards to make on

Homework (p. 16) - Write a letter to a friend explaining the Bill of Rights. Your letter should discuss all 10 of the amendments in the Bill of Rights! At least 10 sentences! Study for the quiz tomorrow!

Create flashcards on reviewing the amendments and vocabulary that we have learned this week!

Flashcard List:

Bill of Rights

1st Amendment

2nd Amendment

3rd Amendment

4th Amendment

5th Amendment

6th Amendment

7th Amendment

8th Amendment

9th Amendment

10th Amendment

Tinker v. Des Moines

Gun Control

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