Mr. Valenzuela

Civics Classwork – Jan 20

Dear Civics students,

I am not in school today because I am attending a workshop for school. I will be back tomorrow. I expect you to work hard on your projects and to behave as TechBoston students – be respectful, be safe, be responsible.

Today you will be expected to work on your Unit 3 Project – the Constitution Handbook, as well as to update your notebook to turn in to Mr. V tomorrow!

Click "continue reading" to see what you will be working on today.

You should complete the following things in-class to prepare yourself for tomorrow:

  1. Update your Table of Contents – you can look this up online at
  2. Update your notebook and make sure there are NO blank or incomplete pages! Mr. V will be checking all of your pages between 84 and 93. You should score yourself before you turn in your notebooks tomorrow (Friday January 21)!
  3. Finish your Unit 3 project! It is due TOMORROW! Look over the criteria on page 90 of your notebook to make sure you get all of your points! This project is worth 100 points!

Score your notebook!

Title What’s on this page? Your Score (√, √-, √+)
p. 84 – Branches of Government Fake Test Objective and Do Now
p. 85 – Judicial Branch Notes Cornell notes on the Judicial Branch
p. 86 – Limiting Government Reflection Objective and Do Now
p. 87 – Limiting Government Power Class notes and Cornell Notes on checks & balances, federalism, and separation of powers
p. 88 – Constitution Cheat Sheet Objective and Do Now
p. 89 – Mid-Unit Review Study guide handout
p. 90 – Unit 3 Project Objective, Do Now and Project planner handout
p. 91 – Unit 3 Progress Reflection Handout complete on how you’re doing in unit
p. 92 – Unit 3 Top 10 List Objective and Do Now
p. 93 – Unit 4: The Bill of Rights Title page in BIG LETTERS

Again, your notebook and Unit 3 Project are both due tomorrow!

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