Mr. Valenzuela

US History – Unit 4 Project

Freedom of Speech

Download the handouts that your group needs (every group will need Handouts 1-4). You should save these in your US History folder:

1. First download the Unit 4 Project Instructions

2. Then download the Unit 4 PowerPoint Outline

3. Next download the Unit 4 Project Checklist

4. And then download the Unit 4 Reader

If you have trouble using SOAPStone, you may want to download how Historians Use SOAP

5. Lastly, find your group's reading below and download that:

Group #1 - Constitution - Article I

Group #2 - Constitution - Article II

Group #3 - Constitution - Article III

Group #4 - The Bill of Rights

Group #5 - Federalist Papers #10

(Take a look at a sample project from last year for inspiration!)

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