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Interdisciplinary Project – Human Rights & Empathy (Term 2)


You will use Wednesday's Community Day to complete this Term's interdisciplinary project. All of your teachers will be available to help you. Remember - this project will count as a grade in all of your classes!

Download the MLK Day - Term 2 IP handout to get started on your IP!

You can use this website to research Martin Luther King, Jr. and his life
When you are finished, click "continue reading" below to work on extra credit for the IP!

Extra Credit for Human Rights & Empathy IP

  1. Create a vocabulary poster for either “human rights” or “empathy” – elements of the poster will include the word, its definition, using the word in a sentence or an example of the word, and an illustration or image the depicts the word.
    Students can do this by hand or in PowerPoint.



Sentence or example

Illustration or image

2. Write a reflection (of at least 10 sentences) responding to the following three questions:

a. Is the King holiday important mostly to African Americans? Why or why not?

b. If King were to come to your school one day, and look around and listen, what would he say about the nature of race relations there now?

3. Create a PowerPoint timeline of events in life of Martin Luther King Jr. The timeline should include at least 8 slides of important events in Dr. King’s life. Other criteria include:

a. Each slide’s title should be the date of the event

b. Each should include a summary of the event IN YOUR OWN WORDS

c. Each slide should include one image that either shows the event or represents the main ideas of the event

Use this website to help you in creating your timeline –

Download the Extra Credit IP handout

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