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US History – Weaknesses of the AOC

Download today's handouts. To read the directions for how to create our "wordspell," click the button below ("Continue Reading"):

AOC Weaknesses

AOC Wordspell

Homework - p. 72 - Write a reflection explaining which feature of the Articles of Confederation you believe caused the most problems for the United States. Be sure to explain your answer! At least 10 sentences.

Wordspell Directions:

Today you will create a Wordspell for the AOC, a way of organizing & remembering how America’s first Constitution was very problematic and an overall weak government. Your Tasks here

1) Write the word “Articles” down the left side of your page very large in color! This is done for you by downloading the AOC Wordspell template.

2) For each letter, describe a different aspect of how the AOC was a weak government (You may not not to use the word “The”). Use the PowerPoint and class notes from yesterday to help you.

3) Include illustrations/images for at least four (4) of the phrases/sentences.

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