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Civics – Unit 1 Project Make Up Assignment

For those that did not complete the Unit 1 Project (an Interview of an Immigrant) or those interested in some extra credit points before Term 1 ends on Friday November 12, you must download and complete the assignment below. The assignment is due in the Edline Drop Box by Friday November 12 at 3:30 p.m. No exceptions!

Download the Unit 1 Project Make Up Assignment and the readings for this assignment - DREAM Act Summary and Immigrant Children in Legal Limbo.

To read more about the assignment, click "Continue Reading" below.

Civics – Unit 1 Project Make Up Assignment

Due Friday November 12, 2010

Maximum 90 points

Mr. Valenzuela

To make up the Unit 1 project that you have not completed you will need to complete this assignment. This is your only chance to complete this work. If you choose not complete this work, then your grade for the project will be entered as a zero out of 100 points.

  1. Read the articles called “DREAM Act Summary” and “Immigrant Children in Legal Limbo” (you will download these from the class website –
  2. Create a Cornell Reading Notes on a separate piece of paper. If you forget how to do a Cornell Notes, you can download a copy from the class website (
  3. After you’ve finished reading, you will create PowerPoint presentation that answers the following questions in complete sentences on separate slides:
  • On Slide #1, create a Title slide with the your name, Civics, Mr. Valenzuela, and “DREAM Act” on it.
  • On Slide #2, answer the questions: What is the DREAM Act? What does “DREAM” stand for? You should have a picture on this slide.
  • On Slide #3, answer the questions: What is an “undocumented” immigrant? How many young undocumented immigrants are there in the United States?
  • On Slide #4, list four key features of the DREAM Act and explain how each will help undocumented immigrant students.
  • On Slides #5-9, write a five-sentence summary for each perspective in the article “Immigrant Children in Legal Limbo” (Tamar Jacoby, Mark Krikorian, Nick, Hiroshi Motomura, Prerna). Create a slide for each writer, so make sure his or her name is the title of each slide. You should have 25 sentences total!
  • On Slide #10, decide and rank who of the five writers made the best argument.
  • On the final slide, write a 5-7 statement (written in paragraph form) where you take a stand in favor of OR against the DREAM Act.

Your PowerPoint needs to be dropped off in the Edline Drop Box folder (“Unit 1 Project Make Up) by Friday November 12, 2010 by 3:30 p.m.!

If you lose a copy of the readings, you can download them by clicking the links below or by going to Mr. Valenzuela’s class website (

DREAM Act Summary

Immigrant Children in Legal Limbo

To find more information on immigration in the United States:

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