Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 12


Today in class, students expanded their understanding of the challenges of population growth by analyzing maps and completing a four corners debate activity.

link World Population History Timeline and Map

microsoft_word_logo World Population History Timeline Investigation Handout

microsoft_word_logo Background On China's One Child Policy

link Monsoon Asia Map Practice Game

Homework - Make sure to complete both assignments for credit (each is worth a HW stamp):

p. 32 - Read the article on the background on China’s One Child Policy, and on a separate sheet of paper respond to the questions in complete sentences (DUE MONDAY).

p. 33 - Complete the World Population History Timeline Investigation, using the link above from (DUE TOMORROW).

Reminder - Study for the closed-notebook quiz on Friday on the countries of Monsoon Asia (map).

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